SomaEnergetics Founder and Lead Trainer

SomaEnergetics Developer & HeartLight Spiritual Leader David Hulse

David Hulse, C.V.S.M.T. (Certified Vibrational Sound Master Teacher) combines his 50 years of experience as a motivational speaker with years of research in metaphysics, science, sound and spirituality to bring you a unique and empowering experience. Participants in David’s workshops invariably comment that they had no idea how powerful the experience was going to be. David’s ability to gather all the fragments of truth from many different disciplines helps bring all of your experiences up to now into focus. Participants tell us that things in their life that seemed separate and fragmented suddenly come together after spending the weekend with David. We invite you to come and experience an empowering and inspiring weekend with David Hulse and experience the power of SomaEnergetics!

At the turn of the century, David’s accelerating interest and research into the lost frequencies of the Ancient Solfeggio, served as the Spirit-Guided catalyst for SomaEnergetics - a technique whereby the Solfeggio Tuning Forks help facilitate the releasing of energy to flow more easily. These custom-made forks, as well as training classes in the SomaEnergetics Vibrational Sound Techniques, including the Energy Vitality Technique are available exclusively through SomaEnergetics.

"We are hearing from individuals around the world that these unique frequencies are making a difference in their lives. That is how I know something is real - by the fruit that is bears," observes David.

David believes that these Sacred Tones actually serve as a "vibrational bridge" to holistically re-integrate the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of the individual, as well as all of Humanity— collectively.